First-Person Strategy in Real Solar Scale



Cruise into the next Space Race, a century ahead. 

Engage, strategize, and wield advanced militarized NASA technology across authentic terrains of our Solar System. Whether you lead armies, construct bases, or spearhead as an individual, your quest to master Mars’ resources starts today.

Dive into the Space Race of the future. Command militarized NASA tech across the Solar System. Lead, build, or go solo—Mars awaits your mastery.


Journey towards disruption

Our roadmap is a dynamic testament to our commitment, passion, and vision for this game. While we blaze a trail into the cosmos, here’s a snapshot of our journey ahead:


Who we are & why we do it? 🤔

GAD Studios was born in 2016, our philosophy is that if you design a great application and empower a community to shape it, incredible things will follow. 

A diverse team with various & unique backgrounds came together from all over the world to develop this game & form the basis of our community.

Founded in 2016, GAD Studios stands by creating great experiences and allowing the community to mold them. Our diverse team from around the world came together to craft this game and foster our community.