A True First-Person Strategy

First-Person Strategy

Subsolar® combines traditional elements of FPS and RTS to create a unique and blended experience of these classic genres. 

The result is an immersive and highly customizable First Person Strategy unlike anything you’ve played before.

Merging FPS and RTS, Subsolar® offers a groundbreaking First Person Strategy experience.



01. The First-Person Shooter

01. FPS Element

We’ve spent much time refining the FPS side of Subsolar® into a class of its own. You can pilot vehicles yourself, break-into and sabotage buildings, snipe from afar, hijack control panels, and place explosives. FPS loadouts matter too. Different armors and backpacks allow for different movement types, and different planets have different gravities.

In addition to the standard FPS model, players can command their armies directly from the battlefield. With the RTS element, Subsolar® gives players the opportunity to experience and influence massive battles with micro precision.

Subsolar® elevates FPS: Pilot vehicles, sabotage buildings, customize loadouts, and command armies in diverse planetary gravities.

02. The Real-Time Strategy

02. RTS Element

One of the most unique aspects of the RTS genre is the scale of the battlefields players encounter. With Subsolar®, we have taken special steps to recreate each planet in our Solar System to metric with an unprecedented level of fidelity. Players can explore over 100 million square miles of playable space recreated from topographical data from NASA, placing player engagement at an unprecedented level of scale with infinite battle possibilities.

You will experience large-scale combat like never before. Unit creation, economic management, supply chain disruptions, hacking enemy items, the options you can take on the battlefield are near limitless. Capitalize on your play style.

Experience large-scale battles across detailed recreations of our Solar System. Over 100 million square miles based on NASA data awaits, with endless strategic possibilities.

03. A Modular Approach

03. Customization at Core

Player choice is at the heart of Subsolar. Since its inception we have pursued this goal tirelessly. Everything from your character, your weapons, the vehicles you command, and the buildings you construct all have an array of customizable and upgradable components.

Our goal is to let players dictate the game through an incredibly wide range of customization, enabling any playstyle to succeed. Want to run-and-gun in a blaze of glory with heavy weapons for maximum carnage? Prefer to subtly disrupt your opponents supply line by hacking infrastructure? Want to turtle up and raise a massive army to steadily steamroll your opponent through overwhelming numbers? Your playstyle options are limited only by your imagination.

From weapons to buildings, Subsolar prioritizes player choice. Tailor every aspect to fit your unique strategy.

game TECH

game TECH

A Vision Beyond

At GAD, we view Subsolar as a living, breathing work. No only do we want to create a game that pushes definition of a First-Person Strategy, we also want to cultivate a thriving community. 

Your involvement and feedback helps Subsolar grow into something beyond even our plans for it. Whether it be new game modes or new weapons, we can’t wait to see how you help shape Subsolar! Join us on Discord to be a part of the development process!

Subsolar isn’t just a game—it’s an evolving vision. We value player input. Shape the future of Subsolar by joining our Discord community!